6 TO 12 Age group Live Class July 2024

6 TO 12 Age group Live Class July 2024

Language: English

Instructors: Prajkta Pandit

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Why this course?


Learn To Draw And  Colour 

Total 8 Sessions a month.
Every Monday and Wednesday 
Duration 1 hour Time - 6.30 to 7.30 PM IST 

New Batch Starts From 3rd July 2024

How To Join Live Classes

1) log into website

2)click on the course you have purchased

3)click on Date

4)You will enter in live Zoom class

(note:no seperate zoom link is provided.)

Stationary required:

Drawing book (A4 Size)
Oil pastels,watercolors,brushpens,
Pemanent black marker

1)Drawing is taught by using easy shapes, lines, numbers, alphabets.
   We also introduce new Art Forms according to age groups.
2)Drawing and colouring is taught step by step.
3)Normal speed is maintained. So that all kids can follow class, each step is explained 3 to 4 times.
4)Every class new Art work is created, we never repeat syllabus.
5)Course is taught in English. 


Yes, even if your kid has never done drawing still, he/she will be able to do that

There is no specified number as the number keep increasing and decreasing. (Usually, we have more than 20 students in each batch.)
In order to maintain the smoothness and quality of the class, we have decided that all students would be on mute during the class. If any student has any doubt during the class, they can send their questions in chat box on Zoom. Doubt will be solved spot.

This step is very important for following reasons:

    1) Asking same questions again and again causes disturbance in class for all the students and it suffers the rhythm of class so, in order to maintain the rhythm of the class and quality, time of teaching and learning, it is important to minimize the disturbance and that is why for all those who have doubts can put their questions in chat box and their questions will be answered on the spot.

2) It will help us improving the recording quality of the class as all the students do revision from the recorded class and they complain that there is a lot of disturbance in the recording.
NOTE: Since this age group is young parents need to monitor the classes, if your child needs assistance.
We hope that your experience with us and give you a better learning and improvement in your skills. Because art seems pleasant only when done in peace.   

Recording of the class is provided.
(Validity for a month)

4)What if I join batch in between month? Will I get extra classes or will fees be adjusted?

All missing classes recordings will be available for you.

Terms and conditions:
Fees once paid is non-refundable in any circumstances,non transferable.

Classes days,time is subject to change,rescheduled or updated( Only due to network issues sometimes)

Course Curriculum

3rd July 2024 (6 to 12 Age Group Batch)
8th July 2024 (6 to 12 Age Group Batch)
10th July 2024 (6 to 12 Age Group Batch)
15th July 2024 (6 to 12 Age Group Batch)
17th July 2024 (6 to 12 Age Group Batch)
22nd July 2024 (6 to 12 Age Group Batch)
24th July 2024 (6 to 12 Age Group Batch)
29th July 2024 (6 to 12 Age Group Batch)

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