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An Idea to Simplify Art.An Idea to Instill Creativity.An Idea to Befriend Colors with Childhood.An Idea to Build a Fantasy Corner for Illuminated Minds.

This nascent Idea Seed planted a decade back, has now grown into a complete art school and a creative hub successfully spreading its enriched learning canopy across India, the USA, UK, Middle East, and beyond. Welcome to Tiny Prints Art Academy!
Based in Hyderabad, India; we are now fully functional in the digital learning space and wired across the globe to satisfy the online art classes requirements of curious kids and help them learn, develop and grow in the field of Art.
What makes us ‘much more than an art class’ is our systematic and unparallel curriculum to take your kid’s art skills to the next level. Starting right from 3+ age groups, our syllabus is completely customized according to different age groups.
We seek to make every Tiny Prints Art Session a complete joyride clubbed with child-friendly LIVE art tutorials based on our unique syllabus, making beginners sail with ease.
So if you’re new to our community and would like to learn more about our values, academics, online art courses, beginner’s art tutorials, or to discuss your kid’s interest in arts, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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