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Basic Drawing Course, Using Circles Pre-Recorded

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Language: English

Instructors: Prajkta Pandit

Validity Period: 60 days

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Why this course?


Dear Parents and Students,

Basic Drawing Course (Pre recorded videos) , using circles is specially curated for all begginers those who want to start their Art journey with confidence and proper guildline.

In this couse we will study about:

  • How to hold pencil,Selection of pencil.
  • How to select proper stationary for kids .(begginers) 
  • Selection of colors.(oil pastels/wax cryons)
  • Basic Line Exercises that every begginer must know.
  • Basic Shapes that you can practice to improve drawing skills.
  • How to draw proper circle.
  • And 7 beautiful and easy drawings using circles.

This course will definately build your confidence to kick start your Art journey at a young age 



Course Curriculum

Introduction Class (17:00)
Lesson 1 (Space Boy)
Lesson 2 (Clown) (19:00)
Lesson 3 (Baby Dinosaur) (23:00)
Lesson 4 ( Teapot ) (29:00)
Lesson 5 (Girl's Portrait) (25:00)
Lesson 6 ( A Cat ) (22:00)
Lesson 7 (Fishes In Pond) (27:00)

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